Save a Life Cheat Sheets

By: Amy Groskreutz

Adult CPR

1) Check the Scene

2) Check the person

3) Call 9-1-1

4) 30 compressions: 100/minute/2 inches deep/2 hands (on the sternum)

5) 2 rescue breaths

     *Repeat compressions and breath

     ~Stop when: -help arrives

                        -they respond

                        -too tired to continue


                         -Scene becomes unsafe

Child CPR

1) Check the Scene

2) Check the Child

3) Call 9-1-1

4) Start compressions---1 to 1 1/2 inches deep {1/3 the depth of the chest}

5) Attempt 2 rescue breaths

**if child doesn't respond, repeat cycle until they do, or Emergency Medical Services arrive

Infant CPR

1) Check the scene

2) Check the infant

3) call 9-1-1

4) begin compressions---1/2-1 inch deep {1/3 depth of chest}--between the nipple line---2 fingers

**repeat of baby does not respond

Adult & child Conscious choking

1) ask "are you choking?"

2) encourage them to keep coughing if they are, reassure them that they are going to be fine

3) call for help

4) stand behind victim

5) make a fist, tuck your thumb

6) put thumb side right above belly button

7) push up and hard into the belly 5x

~~~If it is a child, you must get down to their level while doing the abdominal thrusts

Infant Conscious Choking

1) support infant's head and place their body on your forearm {keep their feet above their head}

2) Give 5 back blows between the shoulder blades with the palm of your hand

3) Support infant's head, flip them over

4) proceed to give 5 chest thrusts {2 fingers between the nipple line}

**continue back blows and chest thrusts until infant becomes unconscious or object comes out

Unconscious Choking

1) lower patient to the ground, resting on their back

2) Call EMS

3) Give 30 chest compressions

   -ADULT: 2 hands on sternum

  -CHILD: 1 hand on sternum

   -INFANT: 2 fingers between the nipples

4) open the airway and check the mouth for the object

    *if object is there: do a finger sweep (use pinky finger for infant)

5) attempt rescue breaths. If chest does not rise, re-position head and try again


1) check the scene

2) activate EMS

3) apply pressure with gauze to wounded area

4) keep applying pressure while wrapping wound

**never unwrap bandages because you might tear off a scab that has started to form

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