The Hope of the Survivors

The hope of the people of Hiroshima is displayed every year on August 6 in remembrance of the Hiroshima bombing.

If I had been able to provide assistance to the survivors of the Hiroshima bomb, the role that I would have played was to give encouragement and inspiration to people who need it. Most people were physically and emotionally distraught, so I would motivate them to be happy and hopeful. I would help them "pick themselves up" and see the light of the situation.

The tragedy caused upon

The citizens of Hiroshima that day

Would change the course of history

When the massacre of lives occurred

On that unsuspecting day

After the alarm sounded safe

The people went about their daily lives

Children eager to play hide-and-seek

They could not hide from the atomic bomb

As it dropped destruction on to Hiroshima

After that perilous day

Many still died of radiation

Many did not dwell on the past

Nor hate the Americans deeply

They still found hope

In the future of their children

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2 years ago

I really like your video and how you would give assistance to the Hiroshima survivors. Making them happy is a very good idea in thinking how terribly sad they were. GOOD JOB!

2 years ago

Catchy song dis is maw jam Jamming Out

2 years ago

Good job Okan, I like the song and poem.