College Project #ACESL3

Cheek list: 1.Letter of intent 2. Embedded video 3: College Application 4: Letter of Recommendation 5:Presentation / presi 6. FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

Letter of Intent

To:500 West university avenue El Paso Texas 79968.  From; Victor ierro

Dear Diana Natalicio,

Hello, my name is Victor Fierro and I  think I should go to the University of Texas at El Paso because I am a good student. I speak two languages, Spanish and English, I love the fact that I am bilingual. I was born in El Paso, Texas. I want to go to the University of Texas at El Paso because it is a local school in my native city. UTEP is close to my home and I do not want to go out of the state of Texas and leave my family. I would like to pursue my doctorate degree because I like to help people. I think UTEP is a good choice for me. It is a big university. The university has good education programs for my future career and it is close to my home. I am good at playing soccer and I want to play for the team at UTEP. I like to study math, I have no problems with my teachers.


Victor Fierro

Letter of recommendation

Texas Tech, Texas Lubbock, 2500 broadway. 05/06/15 Dear: President of Texas Tech

My name is Victor Fierro and I'm recommending Carlos Marin to attend to the college of lubbock (Texas Tech) as a student, Carlos Marin is a good student he is my classmate and my friend at Pebble Hills High School. Carlos and I have been in the same school for a year, My friend Carlos wants to study the career of Doctor in the university Texas Tech at Lubbock. My friend Carlos have good grades. 

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