Edgar Allen Poe's Lasting
Impressions on The World.

Edgar Allen Poe has done many things in his lifetime. He wrote many books, one of which was called, "The Raven", it is a known as one of his best works. Today, people still think this is his best piece of literature. The NFL team the Baltimore Ravens got their name, because of that book and was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.

When he was alive he also created a genre which is known as Detective Fiction. He wrote many books involving crime and mystery or that had to deal with a detective of some sort.  

According to http://www.eapoe.org/, there is about 100 articles/biographies written about Edgar each year. People also references his literature in many things.

He has also been referenced in music, and music artists album covers.

He was also referenced in one of the episodes of The Simpsons, and other television shows. In many films actors have referenced his work. It could have been one of his poems or stories.

People still love him today, because everybody can enjoy his work, he wrote all types of genres that  people still love today.

Here is a video explaining his life style and what happened after his death.

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