Learning to Teach
Day 26: No COW, what now?

So today was the last day of the station activity. I could tell that the students, while they were given more time than the other stations, were not using their time effectively with the fact that I still had several students who still needed to hand in the two station activities that I figured they would only take a day on. I was not as upset simply because I remember my host teachers wise words..."If you give the kids 3 days, they will take 3 days."

However, today was a bit complicated. Because of the shifts in schedule because of two hour delays and a change in the set up. The COW (computer on wheels) was already signed out to two teachers. Luckily, the computer lab in the library was open all day so we were able to get that. So for my first period I took the station folders, and I had several students take textbooks down with them so my other classes could have those resources if they forgot to bring their book to class.

Most of the classes did well in the computer lab, most were working and finishing up not only the stations but the group projects as well. It seemed to be taking them out of that classroom environment is a good switch from time to time. Also the walking down to the library as well.
One thing that I would have done differently is make sure that I always have an extra set of directions handy that are my own just in case I run out in class. Also, as I was planing my next unit, I really need to incorporate more motion in class, and more engagement. Which is what my host teacher and I talked about the most recently.

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