Alexander The Great and Joan Of Arc

Alexander The Great

Occupation: King

Birth date: July 20, 356 B.C.E.

Death date:  June 13, 323 B.C.E.

Education: Temple of The Nymphs at Meiza (where Aristotle tutored him).

Place of birth: Pella, Macedonia

Place of death: Babylon, Persia (Now Iran).

AKA: Alexander lll, Alexander ll of Macedon, Megas Alexandros, Great Alexander

Joan Of Arc

Occupation: Warrior, and Military Leader

Birth date: c. 1412

Death date: May 30, 1431

Place of birth: Domremy, France

Place of death: Rouen, France

AKA: St. Joan Of Arc

Full Name: Jeanne d'Arc

Compare and contrast

What's different about Alexander The Great and Joan of Arc?

They're the different because Alexander The Great has an education, and Joan of Arc didn't.

What's the same about them?

They're the same because Alexander The Great they were both the leaders of something.

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