Eimy Torres                                Victoria Diaz                                  Period 7

The Legend of Us

"Utcumque se cille dicunt contra not semper"

Red Squares: The Danger found in joining the Legend Of Us.

Black Squares: The Mystery under the corruption of The Empire of The Sun.

Blue Cross: The confidence of bringing out people from torture.

White Crown: The power we have of unveiling there "innocence".

The Truth Behind the constitution

The Constitution of The Empire of The Sun



The Legend of Us



The purpose of this country is to provide the truth behind the lies of those who live in The Empire of The Sun. We give freedoms that those in The Empire of The Sun do not receive. To those who choose to join The Legend of Us and give them a new way of thinking. We Provide a sense of community and a sense of hope for the people to be able to Maintain academic freedom and their rights as people.


In order for someone to be a citizen of our country, you must have as much hatred to the fact that you do not get a say in what happens, you have to be able to help us fight for people's rights. You should want to participate in making the country better by giving your opinion. You are allowed the freedom of being able to express your beliefs and are expected to use it, as well as being able to accept others in their beliefs without conflict.You need a willingness to fight to protect this country and to help it survive and grow.


Katniss Everdeen is our leader and will be in charge of this country.We will be a democracy in which the people rule and help decide where the country grows. Once the time comes where the country needs to decide on a new leader, the people will be able to vote on who they want to be lead by. The elections will consist of normal citizens running for leader and the people will be able to vote for who they want. People will have a say in everything and will be treated with equal rights.


The government is responsible for keeping the people in order and happy. The government promises a free life and a better way of living. It also promises that their citizens will be able to give their opinions without being harassed. The people are responsible for fighting for the country and participating in local events.


1. Freedom of Speech

2. Every person must wear and ID

3.No Harassment

4.No racial profiling

5.Equal Pay for everyone

6.You can vote when you are 18

7.No stealing of anything

8. You are not allowed to speak to anyone outside the Legend of Us

9.Treat everyone with equal respect

10.No adultery


Our schools will be public and everyone is required to go as soon as they get settled in. This will help control the people and teach them to accept others and live happily. The education will be free until they get to college, they will have to pay. If the people do not want to have an education they will not be punished but will end up having to get a low paying job.


The flag is our representation of no matter how high the power is in the city of The Empire of The Sun we the people are the true kings and queens and we also have a say in what happens and how the country is ruled. no one should be able to take your right to vote away because you're a citizen like everyone else not some unimportant .Where we are born and where and how we live should be unimportant. It is what we have dealt with in the past and trying to change the future for our kids and next generation.


The leader of the Legend of Us is Katniss Everdeen.

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen is curious and willing to take risks for others. She has the ability to persuade anyone she meets to do the right thing. She can make people brave, and loyal. She is the person you go to for when your in trouble, because she accepts everyone.

The Story Of Our Leader:

The fierce Katniss Everdeen is the ruler of The Legend of Us. She has all the things you'd want in a leader. The despising of the The Empire of The Sun leader Madame de Madici and wanting to expose the truth behind their evil ways. She grew up under the ruling of the queen and hated every second of it not ever given the chance to be a normal kid always working and having constant people on her back to do as a lady but Katniss is no ordinary girl . Wanting to be in the army since she was a little girl has always been her dream. They killed her sister Primrose back in 1846 due to false judgement in the court when she was supposed to be let go and freed. In here for supposed theft. but was not guilty. this made her very angry and made her want to create a place of a “brotherhood”’ where the people rule not someone over you giving you rights such as the right to vote both men and women. Giving people the right to say what they want its a place where its a Democracy and only people can rule there is no one above her and she lets the people have a say in whatever they want.” All i want in this corrupted world is a place where everyone's voice matters.” No matter the color of their skin or their religious preference they are all created equal and The Legend of Us is where you get this freedom. we have come a long way. it all started after she fought the infamous Damien King all for the killing of her sister and she finally decides that enough is enough nd she needs to take a stand for her family and for her sister. She is a strong figure head and she stands for what she believes in much like the rules she has set over The Legend Of US.


My love for Katniss is so great,

my heart is finally free

The children laugh and play all day

now I know where I’m supposed to be

this is where my home is

where I’m allowed to be me

I won’t let this get away

Because this is my very last chance

Propaganda Posters

The "Love Doctor"   

When you get sick who do you call? The love doctor. Of course when they say “sick” it doesn’t actually mean you’re sick. You have just gone against their “rules”. They say they can help you get rid of those destructive thoughts. They say everything will be alright, and that afterwards, everything will be better and that happiness will come. Truth is, they don’t help you, they hurt you, make you a lifeless zombie. First they trick you by being nice, feeding you, bathing you, making you comfortable. However, that doesn’t last long because afterwards, you will be strapped to a chair where you will be forced to watch various videos of people who have rebelled. These people being hanged, killed, punished. This is their attempt to scare you into changing your way of thinking, but those thoughts will always be there. They brainwash you and get rid of every last bit of humanity in you until you’re a thoughtless drone. They shock your brain to make you forget everything you have ever thought, but this often leads to some of your most precious memories being erased. They “reteach” you and make you believe that there rules are fair, that they know everything, but that's not true.They promise Love, but give you hate. They do nothing but destroy you and take away everything you have ever had. You no longer remember who you were, who you wanted to be, your wishes. What they do is make a robot that will listen to all their rules, but then what’s the point? What’s the point of being a clueless zombie when you can have thoughts and the courage to change the world? Now is the time where you must leave and be free. Join the Legend of Us and be your own, independent person, and most of all, be free.

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