Kalista Heinrich

Photography Portfolio

Frozen Water

I took this picture on I really cold day where we didn't have to go to school because of the ice so I thought it would be cool to take some ice pictures. And this picture stud out from all the other ones.

Sleeping Tiger

I took this picture at the Houston zoo. I liked how the tiger was so relaxed.

Shy Monkey

When I took this picture I was at the monkey section of the Houston zoo and I thought it was cute how the monkey almost looked shy.

Sitting High

when I was taking this picture the monkey got up and turned around so that his back was facing me.


I liked how the animals were in the same position doing the same thing.

Feeling Sad

i took this picture really of the grati in the back ground but when I looked back at the photo I thought the zebra looked way cooler how he had a sad look on his face.


when I took this photo I was trying to get a picture of the bird standing still but as I took the picture the bird flew away.

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