4th Grade ELA Curriculum Support

Dear 4th Grade Teachers,

The purpose of this tackk board is to provide a place for teachers to find ELA curriculum support materials. The items below support the student outcomes for each unit. As a community of teachers, we are continuing to grow our collection of videos, anchor charts, links to websites and much much more. It is my hope you find this collection for resources helpful and supportive in planning your language arts lessons.


Laura Adlis


Living a Meaningful Reading Life

Reading Comprehension Anchor Charts

Determining Word Meaning

Word Solving Anchor Charts

concept Map

This is a way you might share this unit's concepts
*These ideas would be broken up over more than one anchor chart for students

Unit 2 Thinking About Expository Texts

Text Structure Charts

Nonfiction Anchor Charts

Author's Purpose of Different Organizational Patterns

Determining Word Meaning

Concept Map

This is a way you might share this unit's concepts
*These ideas would be broken up over more than one anchor chart for students

Unit 3 Thinking About Fiction

Fiction Anchor Charts

Theme Charts

Concept Map

This is a way you might share this unit's concepts
*These ideas would be broken up over more than one anchor chart for students

Fluency Anchor Charts

Bridging to STAAR Labels

Unit 4
Searching for Info in Text Sets

Unit 5
Understanding Poetry


Poetry Anchor Charts

Inferring in a Poem


Analyzing Poems

Figurative Language

Unit 6
Understanding Various Nonfiction Forms and Purpose



Author's Purpose is more than PIE

Purpose of Nonfiction Text Features

Online Resources

Relationship between Graphic Features and Text

Main Idea and Summary

Context Clues to Determine Word Meaning

Unit 7
Learning About Characters by What They Say and Do

Create a Playlist for Your Character

Author Study of Characters

Patricia Polacco

Conflict/Resolution Charts

Supportive Characters

Good vs Evil

What Motivates a Character?

Drama & Plays

Setting in a Play

Unit 8
Comparing and Contrasting Texts

Comparing Picture Books

Picture book: The Great Kapok Tree, written by Lynne Cherry (fable)

From Journey's Magazine: The Comb of Trees (poem), pg. 58 and Enjoy the Earth (poem), pg. 59

From CTK Source Book of Short Texts: Real Giants (nonfiction), pg. 116

From CTK Toolkit Texts: Rain Forest Hero (nonfiction), pg. 13

Picture book: Chrysanthemum, by Kevin Henkes

From dogonews.com: A Boy and His dog (http://www.dogonews.com/2014/2/23/a-boy-and-his-dog)

Picture book: Papercrane, by Molly Bang

From CTK Toolkit Texts: A Magic Pen (play), pg. 60-62

From dogonews.com: Social Experiment Tests the Kindness of Londoners (http://www.dogonews.com/2015/8/3/video-of-the-week-social-experiment-tests-the-kindness-of-londoners

Unit 9
Preparing for STAAR

Studying Summaries

Online Articles and Resourses

Text level Indicators


Studying Characters for STAAR


Poetry STAAR Practice

STAAR Thinking Charts
These can be created by students to discuss the thinking around a STAAR stem.

Unit 10
Searching for Information Online

STAAR Writing Support Materials

Dear 4th Grade Teachers,
I hope this tackk has been helpful to you this school year. Please see the list below if you would like to contribute to this forum. Any suggestions can be left in the comment stream.

Laura Adlis

Please send your submissions to: atoomes@ccisd.net

1.If you have any student work samples that you feel would be helpful to other teachers in CCISD, please snap a picture or scan them and email them .

2. If you have IPad apps suggestions that have not been listed on this tackk please add them to the stream below.

3. If you have websites, videos, etc that have been helpful to you and your students, please add them to the stream below.

4. If you have anchor charts or other supportive visuals, please take a picture and email them.

5. If you have activities, games, etc. that align to the new curriculum and were not included in the tackk, please email them.

Not all submissions will be used due to duplication, space available, and curriculum alignment. Thank you for sharing your ideas!