Five Pieces of Mobile Technology I Would Use in My Classroom

Create A Comic

This app allows you to create visually appealing, colourful comic strips by simply clicking on the pictures, word bubbles colours, etc. that you want, then typing in the dialogue.

Teachers could use this app in their elementary classrooms as a project for any subject. For example, grade four students could display their knowledge of how Alberta has changed since 1905 by creating a comic strip. They could approach this project in a variety of ways to create a unique final product that shows what they have learned.


This app allows you to create customized recordings, up to 30 seconds long, that you can store in your gallery or send to others via iPhone, Twitter, and E-mail.

Teachers could have each of their grade 6 students create an animated recording that explains how they might deal with stress/change in their lives. These recordings could then be sent to the teacher who could arrange for the class to watch them as a group.

Choose Your Path Free

This is an story reading app, similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure books, where the reader chooses what happens next. Readers can also create their own stories to view in the app or send to their friends.

Students in a grade 3 class could use this app during their independent reading time. This format might help engage students who struggle with reading.

Journal Jar

You shake this app to get a writing prompt.

Students in grade 5 could use this app for ideas during their independent writing/journalling time.

Bubble and Pebble Story

This app is an interactive, animated book. Six year old children have recorded their voices and drawn the pictures for this story.

Kindergarten students could read along with this story to build their reading skills and learn their colours.

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