Mrs. Allen's Class

7th Grade Math Class

What is a Flipped Classroom?

This year we are going to try something new. We are going to flip the classroom. I know you are going what is that. Well I have a video to show you what its about. Basically you are watching the lesson at home and doing your homework in class. This way, as the teacher, I am able to facilitate the class and answer any questions you have in class with time to be able to work.

Your 1st try at a flip lesson

There will be questions for you to answer just like a video you will be required to watch at home every night.

Cool Math Videos

1st Week Assignments (8/24- 8/28)

8/24/15 1st Day Introductions & Get to know the room

THE WIND BLOWS FOR activity- Get a sticky note and everyone get in a circle and put the sticky note in front of you on the floor. There will be one person in the middle and they will say "The wind blows for... (any body that has flip flops on). Anyone that has flip flops on will move and anyone that doesn't will stay. Whoever is left without a spot becomes the person in the middle.

Syllabus for the year (What is expected of you)

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