Layne Wood

French Trapper

A trapper was a hunter who killed wild animals for food, fur, and other materials.

This is what a French trapper would have looked like during the early modern period. Almost of all the trappers during this time were men and women were not considered as hunters.  Most of the men had long hair and beards and wore fur to keep them warm during the winter. Also, the trappers wore their fur and animal skins to help camouflage them while hunting.

The mountain men used tools like this to trap beavers, elk, and other animals in the north. Some of the animal traps were made of metals and some were made of wood. The beaver trap shown above was made out of metal. Metal was a popular resource used in trade. Guns were extremely rare during this time period. Hunters relied mainly on knives, spears, and traps like these to capture the critters.

When the woodsman needed money or different resources, he would trade the different kinds of fur , as shown above, from his game with other people living in North America. Also, the trappers tended to live in small cabins on the land that were made out of wood and logs, like the one shown above. The men tended to be more isolated from society than most citizens during the Renaissance, but they were not completely cut off from human contact and they still participated greatly in trading.

Above is a map of France and the region where many trappers hunted and traded. The green areas show the areas of land where most animals were located and where the trappers most likely stayed. Also, the borders of France are surrounded by water, which helped aid trading with other countries.

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