"Goodnight Saigon" by Billie Joel (1982)

Imagery: Describes hardships of war, "Praying to Jesus," "Listening to the Doors," "Reading Playboy magazines," "Smoking from a hash pipe"

Syntax: Emphasizes the bond made between soldiers in combat during the Vietnam war by repeating "we would all go down together"

Diction: During the chorus the instruments are "spastic like tameless horses." Together, remember, promise, prayed.

Details: The subject of the song in the bonding of soldiers discovering how to survive together during the Vietnam War. The song tells a story about the hardships of war.

Tone: Remorseful, sombre, reminiscent are words we would use to describe the songs music. The words seem patriotic, sentimental, nostalgic.

In video: 2:28-3:00

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