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The Murder

By: Blake Howell

Once upon a time I was running away from the police because I just killed someone. I then ran all the way into a forest that was so snowy and frosty that I could barely see the trees. The snow was as soft as stuffing from a stuffed animal. As the leaves but the leaves were a little more bushy. After I climbed up a tree and looked for something to find I spotted some water once I got closer i could hear the water, it almost not that well though. Now I was very excited to find some water atleast to drink. When I tasted the water it tasted like it was very sweet some how. After looking at the beautiful view of course I took a quick bath so i washed off all the blood so i would be less easy spot climbed back up the mountains and headed off to a new adventure.

Outsiders Project

My Memoir


By: Blake Howell

I was walking down the gravel road as I could smell and see the water from the lake which was where we I was going to with my family and my friend Zack. Once we got to the cabin where we get our lifejackets, we had to talk a worker for them. Then we walked out to the beach as I touched the sand and then swam out to the floating pads. Before we even went to the funzone we also looked at the campers and seen a lot of people cooking hot dogs I was so hungry at the time I could taste them. I couldn’t wait until we got to the fun zone and hear the water rushing!

Once I finally got out into the lake I had to swim under a rope that shows where the fun zone was and where the beach-like part was. Then we had to swim over to the pads we had to find out how to around the whole zone. We finally found that there was a handlebar at the side the whole time, I then pulled myself up the side of the pad to the top while I was getting splashed in the face with cold rushing water. I couldn’t wait to find what else was on this fun zone. But first I had to wipe the water from my eyes and

stand up.

Once I stood up I looked around at the big but small at the same time fun zone. But then something caught my eye I seen a trampoline with a decent amount of people on it running around and running. I just kept thinking if I should join them because there were already a lot of people. But then I saw my family and Zack on it with other people so I just went ahead and joined them. When I joined them I seen everyone just running around as I started to run around with them I slipped and fell off the side of the trampoline feeling all the rushing air come towards me as I fell into the water I was so scared. But finally when I swam back to the surface I climbed back up to the trampoline and joined them. Once I settled down I was so relieved and couldn’t wait to see what we were going to do next on the trampoline.

After running around for a while I figured out what we’d do next. Now we were going to just jump up in down on the trampoline something not very exciting. Until people started taking their friends and throwing them into the water. I knew right away I wasn't going to do that so I just kept jumping around until Zack tripped me and I fell into the water when he soon realized I fell into the water he said “Oh im sorry Blake” He said friendly. And again I had to climb up to the top of the trampoline, I had a good feeling we were going to jump into the water next thing.

And we just so happened to plan to jump into the water. The actual plan was for all of us to jump off the trampoline into the lake at the same time. But what I did for fun was when Zack was about to go ahead and jump in I just pushed him in for fun. At that point I was just having so much fun I couldn’t wait to see what we were going to do after the fun zone but first. I have to finish playing in the fun zone. So then I decided I was going to jump in first I was so excited at this point when I was a little nervous before we even got to the lake.

Once we got done at the fun zone we headed back to the campsite. Now we were going to cook some hot dogs to eat. But before that we went to a giant trampoline on land that was steaming hot from the sun. And that was basically a little bit of my summer. And from this trip I learned “Life is short make the most of it.” I learned this by everyone telling me that I shouldn’t just be set on one thing I should try more things before you can’t anymore.

On the Outside Padlet Project

My Research Essay

The Wonderful things about dogs

By: Blake Howell

‘There are lots of different kinds of dogs in the world. Some smart dog breeds and some who aren’t very smart. The very smart dogs in our world can guide blind people through crowds to get them to places, help detect cancer and other diseases, and they can follow complex instructions to herd sheep. Also while dogs are ranked 2 years old in language, according to Livescience dogs would trump a 3- or 4- year-old in basic arithmetic. Also some dogs are so smart that they can find openings into different things they want to get into like doors and containers.

Now every dog out there in the world can bark but have you ever wondered why they do this? Well for one of the reasons is that it can show the dogs love for the family. I can be your dog's way of asking for help and sometimes as communication. Also you might have left your dog outside day and night or have confined it into a certain room or cage maybe. Another thing is that your dog might be thirsty hungry or even bored. Overall dogs bark for many different reasons.

Now as i said at the beginning of my essay there are a decent amount of smart dogs. Like they can find openings to certain things if they try hard enough. Another thing something I didn’t mention was that some dogs are as smart a a 2 year old. Also the top 10 dogs in this world are the Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador Retriever, Papillon, Rottweiler, and the Australian Cattle Dog. If you thought that smarter dogs are better pets that not necessarily right. For example certain smart dogs will get bored and start to destroy furniture.

Now for the last topic this topic is about how we’ll dogs can swim. The best dog that could swim probably would be a dog with longer legs with a taller face. Now some people out there think that dogs are born with natural swimming instincts but that not that accurate. Now some dogs that can’t swim that well are dogs with like short legs or if they have short faces like pugs since their faces fatigue easily. And last some dogs may have the physical capacity to swim, but have a mortal fear of the water nonetheless.

Dogs are wonderful animals. They have certain capabilities like barking, swimming, and being very smart. They can even make very good pets by being loving and nice to the family. They can even help your family members across the streets if their blind or even you maybe. Now you might wanna think if their are any new abilities we find in the future for dogs.

My Poetry Project

The Watsons Go to Birmingham Timeline

My Argumentative Essay

No Smoking

By: Blake Howell

Smoking is a very popular thing in our world today. We have people spending most of all of their earnings from their jobs on cigarettes. There are a lot of people who are dying from complications from smoking. Like lung cancer this will sometimes kill people so other examples of this theme are diseases. So people have been useing a lot of their money and some sad deaths have been caused by this they have been thinking about banning certain cigarettes.

Some stores have already made it to where in their stores you can't smoke since it cause the other people around you to breath in the smoke that your breathing out so that basically means that your smoking yourself almost. I believe, myself that smoking should be banned because this is causing deaths and that means it will decrease the populations which is bad in all sorts of ways. Smoking can hurt our world because It can hurt or kill people if they do this too much and family members could be lost by this terrible thing. There will be a decent amount of losses going around the world if this continues. I mean approximately 443,000 people die each year thats just terrible for them and any relatives that they could have.

This will also decrease are population in the world by a ton. Some people choose to waste a lot of money on cigarettes partly because they just want to or mostly because they can’t help it. They might have already been hooked onto smoking. The cost of tobacco is basically $35.90 which is basically as much as a certain amount of food you buy from a store. I mean the average amount of of money spent by New Zealand is 750,000 smokers in 2007 was approximately $2,135 each year.

Also In 2014 a packet of cigarettes would cost around $18.70. Some people would say that smoking should be legal because it makes money for stores or gas stations. I would argue with that by saying that smoking does get stores and gas stations money but it also kills people. Also wastes most of the victims of smoking money by making them pay most of their savings on cigarettes, other than maybe spending that money on their family or food. If there are a lot of people dying from smoking then the population will be decreased by a lot.

I believe that smoking should be illegal. It seems that if people are dying from smoking and no one else who is smoking isn’t realizing that the same thing thats happening to other people might happen to them if they keep on smoking. Also the waste of money when someone buys the cigarettes can affect their lives in so many different ways that they need to think that if their buying cigarettes that they would want to try and stop for once so that they don’t waste their savings on smoking. When smoking doesn’t help you in any shape or form for your body it just causes them even more problems than they might have had. So what do you think do you think that smoking should be banned after all of the problems it’s caused people?

My Springtime Poem

Summer time bow fun

I’m sitting in my room

looking at my broken bow.

Thinking how long it would take for my Uncle Rick to fix it.

Wondering if me and my family would have to go back to game masters and have them fix it.

I started to worry that maybe

no one would be able to fix the sight

But after about a day of worrying my bow was finally fixed


By, Blake Howell

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