Texas Girl Found After 12 Years

Nearly 12 years after Sabrina Allen's mother kidnapped her, Sabrina is finally found. The mother whisked her away to Mexico in 2002, where she was disguised and hidden. Sabrina's mother only had visitation rights with Sabrina after her divorce with Greg Allen, Sabrina's father. They were first seen and questioned by authorities but eluded them with the fake names and disguises. Sabrina's father was desperate to fin his daughter, he created a website, findsabrina.org. This kidnapping was known nationwide,  there were several airings on Americas Most Wanted and Dara, Sabrina's mother is listed on the most wanted parental kidnappers list. She was found yesterday with her mother in Tlaxcala, right outside of Mexico City. As of now, Greg has not been able to reunite with his daughter because she is "in bad shape", mentally and w, according to NBC News. She was taught by her mother that her father never wanted her and left her, Dara told Sabrina that Greg committed suicide, and she is years behind in her education. Also, she has lost a lot of weight. We are waiting to hear news on how Sabrina is doing and when she will be able to see her father again.


Tlaxcala is where Sabrina and her mother were found and deported back to the U. S.

This article mostly tell you the story from the fathers point of view.

This article is more about the journey the mother went on with Sabrina.

This was the video issued by her father yesterday explaining what has happened, and how we can help raise awareness to it.

This article included all of the information given in the other articles and put them all together.