Cinnaess: Peace bringer

By WilliamAldridge

This is my kingdom of Adon Elvish for peace.

My country was founded through war by a man named Arcaden in 1400,Jan17.

On our planet we live on a similar region of Earth known as the Tropic Of Cancer.

On the outskirts of town my people live in tree houses.Where we hunt and farm.

We believe in inner peace which gives us the ability to transform into our sole animals.

We do not believe in money we believe in trade.We don't associate ourselves with other countries.

We do not have schools we are taught by the ones in our family.

We live in the forest of Elflon past the mountain of Eode.

We live under a Dictatorship of a creature called a Timelord.The reason being he can see into the past and the future.

We defend ourselves with our words before war if we do have to go to war we use bows and swords and throwing knifes

We speak English and write ElvishB

This is where we go to prey to god. We are Christians.

Our transportation are hover cycles and to get from different planets are jump ships.

This our mass transportation vehicle.(Jump Ship)

These are the hover bikes we use to get around.

This is a N Class Warship.

When we go to war we wear this.It's an exoskeleton armor with a(n) invisible force field .

On our spare time we play Minecraft as a way of self expression

The point is to build anything

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