Exploration for England!

Proposal of exploration for Your Majesty!

Dear King Henry VII,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nicklaus Miguel and I am from Spain. I've heard that you are willing to provide an explorer with the money to travel to the Americas for recourses and land. You may be wondering whey I am asking you and not my Spanish King. I am letting you have this proposal due to the fact that you haven't sent any voyages yet. I will sail next year, 1506, because Columbus has already gathered some information, and after studying it, I can be ready and know what to expect when I reach there. I will travel to the Appalachian Plains because they are the closest and  I've heard that there are many trees and mountains to mine, so that area is perfect. I'm concerned about traveling in the mountains, because the only way is by a river that I've heard about that runs through them, and don't expect me to start a quarrel with the natives Your Majesty, due to the fact that I'm going to trade with them to gain some money for myself by selling these valuable items. If I happen to come across any of our competitors, I will shoot them without looking twice. I realize that the Spanish are looking for faster trading routes, and the French are looking for land. Please consider this proposal and thank you again for your time.  
                 Nicklaus Miguel

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