The Democratic Republic of Congo:
"The Worst Place In The World To Be A Woman"

For many years and for many reasons, The Democratic Republic of Congo has been called one of the worst places to live as a woman and also has been called the rape capital of the world. The country has very little respect for women's roles and what they do for the country as a whole. Although in the DR of Congo women are the primary care takers of the home and family, they are often belittled and seen as having little to no importance in the society. For this reason, women are continuously abused physically, mentally, and sexually. These types of actions have severally affected the lives of women in Congo for years with hardly any steps towards improvement. What makes the conflict worse, is the fact that not only are rape cases committed by just average men, but also by military soldiers and government officials. Because of this, women are living in constant fear of being attacked and harmed by any male in the country. The amount of rapes of women are so bad that it is not unusual for the people of the country to hear of a rape case and not be concerned. Men who rape women in Congo are never punished in any way for their crimes but instead, they are seen as normal while the woman is typically seen as the issue. Work towards ending this conflict has been limited. Most efforts towards progress is done by Congolese women activists who have experienced rape and want a change for their country. Efforts to change the mindset of the military towards wanting to protect instead of doing nothing at all are the first steps being taken by activists for change. The Democratic Republic of Congo is globally viewed as a place that lacks the proper government to fix this problem and is largely seen only as being known for this problem as oppose to their other factors.

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1.) Who are the main opponents?

The two main opponents involved with this conflict are the women, who lack proper rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the government.

2.) Are any other countries involved or concerned?

The UK has been most involved with the issues regarding women's safety in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Not only have they support programs that help women who have been victims of rape, but have also sent financial assistance to help fund these types of programs.

3.) How is this conflict being conducted

The conflict is being conducted by the government in the DR of Congo not focusing on how women are being mistreated. Government officals as well as military and average citizens are physically and sexually abusing women with no consequence to face after the crime is committed.

4.) What was the cause of the conflict?

The cause of the conflict is the fact that women lack proper rights and respect in the country and have no strong  support in their case.

5.) What efforts are being taken to solve the problem non-violently?

The efforts that are being taken to solve this problem are very slim. As of now, all that has been done in regards to solutions, are a few women activists from the Democratic Republic of Congo who have taken action in working towards supporting women who have been brutalized. The victims of the case have done nothing violent in striking back mostly because of the fear that they have of being attacked. What has been done are subtle protests and activists.

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