How the Sun Affects Skin Over Time

Product Approval Form

Proposal for Skin Cancer Fundraiser

T-Shirt Order Form

Photos In Action!

Checklist and Time Schedule

The checklist above mapped out all that I needed to accomplish and when i needed to do so by. In creating this I stayed organized for the most part and starred all of the tasks as I completed them. Sending the money to the Skin Cancer FOundation will be done by October 28, 2013. I extended this due to the tremendous amount of profit we would be losing having not extended our acceptance of payment and in doing such the Skin Cancer Foundation will benefit more significantly and i will be able to continue my research on further.

Receipt for my purchase of t-shirts

This a receipt for what I owe for the t-shirts I got for showing and sampling. The total was 54.00.

Information board/trifold

In the picture above I am behing the table. The information I gathered regarding skin cancer and awareness was organized onto this trifold which I sat out during my selling time. I came to a conclusion that rather than having multiple boards of long exagerated information it would be more effective to pick out what was the most important for my peers to view. I attempted to make it bright and colorful and only include what would be found interesting rather than boring. In this trifold in included information on types of skin cancer, facts, how to protect yourself from the sun, how to self check moles, and information regarding tanning beds and sunscreen.

The Fundraiser Table October 24,2013

In this photo I am at the table I designed and set up at lunch October 24, 2013 to sell t-shirts and provide information as well as awareness to my peers. In creating a bright and decorative table my peers were drawn in and were made aware of the sun and its effects. Kaitlyn Wallace beside me did her 11th grade capstone paper on skin cancer as did I and for this reason we decided to raise awareness together to create a higher influence. In doing so we did our own products as she made brochures to be handed out and displayed a video( at time not in picture) while I sold t-shirts and presented my important information about the sun and skin cancer.


In conclusion I believe my product was successful. It tied in directly with my research done in the 11th grade, however this year I was able to use what I had learned and successfully teach it to my peers. I did this by creating t-shirts that would be a reminder to all who wear about the harmfull damages by the sun and that is important to stay safe. I sold these shirts on October 24, 2013 at a table in the school lobby and ended successfully in raising awareness with an information display. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation no later than October 28,2013. I plan to continue to raise awareness to my peers by wearing my t-shirt along with those who bought and being vocal about all I have learned about the sun through my research.

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