All About Me...

My name is Thomas Jefferson. I was born on April 3rd, 1743, in Albermarle County, Virginia. I married Martha Wayles Skelton in 1771. At age 26, I began building my fabulous home, Monticello, in Virginia. I also designed and began the University of Virginia. I guess you could say that I like working with architectural design.

As you might already know, I helped write the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It is still in use today! I felt that everyone should be treated equally and that the government shouldn't have too much power. I felt very honored in taking part in writing such an important document.

In 1796, I ran against John Adams in the Presidential election. I didn't win this election but I was elected Vice-President. I ran a second time in 1800 and won the Presidency. I became the 3rd President of the United States.



1) When and where was I born?

2) Who ran against me in the 1796 Presidential election?

3) What year did I win the Presidential election?

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