17 - 01_ Grind House, PADOVA (IT)
     24 - 01_Chies d'Alpago, BELLUNO (IT)
31 - 01_Pippo Stage, BOLZANO (IT)

See you on stage !
Metal will never Die !

The Skanners proudly announcing the release of their new album Live - CD + DVD - related to the event of their 30th anniversary.

The album is dedicated entirely to their former guitarist Max Quinzio ( R.I.P. February 2014)


The official presentation will take place on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at PIPPO STAGE Bolzano also dedicated to the memory of this Max Quinzio.

The album will be produced by the New label RIFF METAL DEPARTMENT and distributed in Italy for Goodfellas and Cargo throughout europe.

Next Skanners shows :

- January 17 Grind House ( Padova)

- January 24 as headliner at the Festival "De Nait Off Facial" in Chies d'Alpago (BL)

- January 31 Pippo Stage (BZ).

...and more..

Thanks , SKANNERS italy.

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