In Class Narrative 9/30

In class we had to create a short scene or play that wasn't longer 10 minutes. It was based on a four part motion that we created in class. My group created a play about a kid that gets teased all throughout high school and then when he hears his bullies still continue to tease him at the high school. He kills them. Then after killing them he kills himself because he can't deal with the guilt.

Our play connects to viewpoints because it incorporates things like spacial relationship, kinesthetic response and expression.

The spacial relationship is when we were doing the group high school scene. Maddie and John were sitting close to each other because their character were both popular and were friends. Pat's character was far away from them because their character made fun of his character. I was in between them because my character wasn't popular as Maddie's and john's were but wasn't as unpopular as Pat's.

It has kinesthetic response because when John and Maddie were going to over Pat was and seemed like they were going to beat him up. My response was use my hands as a barrier to stop them from doing anything to Pat. Also when Pat was going to shoot me. My kinestic response was to drop the necklace because I was in so much shock.

I was reflective this lesson. I knew my limitations for the play. I knew that I kept forgetting some of my lines and kept forgetting some of my lines. I also knew my strengths which was that I was clear in my delivery of my lines and that the lines I improved were good.