Mobile Learning Apps for the
K-12 Classroom

I have explored 5 mobile learning apps for use in K-12 classrooms. For the purposes of this assignment,  I have focused specifically on Apple products from

App # 1 : Animation Creator HD Lite for iPad

With this app students can create their own animations for a story. This could be a story that they wrote themselves or a re-creation of a story that they have read. They can create characters for the story and add audio to the images. This app is great for various grade levels as it can be as easy or complex as you would like. It is also a good tool for creating dialogues or graphic novel type stories.

App # 2 : StoryKit App

With this app students can create autobiographical books, bring to life their imaginations, or re-create classic stories. This app allows students to take classic books, like the Three Little Pigs, and edit the pages or re-create the ending. They can also tell the story from different points of view or from different characters. Overall a great tool for the Language Arts.

App # 3 : Sock Puppets

This app permits students to create their own sock puppet stories or performances. It adds another element to story telling and encourages students to work collaboratively. It would be a great tool for a project where teachers would like the students to work in pairs.

App # 4 : Bunsella Bedtime Stories

This app lets students narrate an existing story. It would be a great tool to use between classrooms. For example, students from Classroom 101 can narrate a story for Classroom 102 and vise versa. It would also be a good tool to share internationally it the class already had an existing connection with another classroom in the world. This activity could be done in groups or on an individual basis. This app also allows for the students to respond after they have received a narrated book.

App # 5 : MindBlowing App for iDevices

This app brings brainstorming and mind mapping to a brand new level. It allows students to incorporate not only text and images but audio and video clips as well. This can be used for virtually any topic and any subject. It is a great way for teachers to introduce new topics or units to their students as well.

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