The Peninsular kingdoms in the Middle Age

Topic: Spain in the Middle Ages: formation processes and political integration. The Reconquest. Art and culture and the Christian kingdoms of Al-Andalus.

Subject: social sciences

Age: 11-12 years (6th. grade of Primary Education)

Short description:

The activity is very simple. The first thing children have to do is to be in pairs. Then, they should choose one of the two peninsular kingdoms (catholic or muslim) that existed at that Age. They will look for information about the kingdom they have chosen, and with that information and with the first app, they are going to create a timeline.

The second sub-activity is to create an stop motion about one of the most important events they have included in their timeline.

The third sub-activity would be to create an interview. Children have to perform a radio interview where one of them will be the interviewer and the other one, one historic character. The have to "bring back to live" the character they want from that Age.

Checklist: for this activity, children will use the next materials:

  • Tablet, or mobile phone: for using the apps, the camera for doing the stop-motion and the voice recorder for the Spreaker.
  • Computer: for the timeline app (it is only available for computers)
  • The apps we have mentioned


  • To understand and identify the most important events of this period of time in both kingdoms
  • To name, identify and recognize the principal characters of this Age and their functions.
  • To distinguish, differentiate and analyze the different cultures that live together in the Peninsula, and their different religions.
  • To interpret a historical timeline.
  • To interpret the historical events that took place.
  • To create an idea of the importance of those events in our country nowadays.


  • Linguistic communication competence: Use the language as oral and writing instrument, and know listening, dialoguing and presenting.
  • Digital competence: Look, get and communicate information. Bering competent in the used of technologies as instrument of work.
  • Cultural and artistic competence: Know the several cultures and consider it as village heritage. Use creativity and imagination to express your ideas or knowledge.

Tutorials for apps

Our examples

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Our Stop-Motion

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