Anas Ahmed

chapter 3


A software is a program that runs information used by a computer. There are many types of software such as writing software,system software and many more. One of the example is writing software. Writing software is written by programmers using programming languages. Programming language is a way of writing instruction for a computer to do.

This is a system software

Multi - tasking

Multi - tasking is a method also known as processes.It is performed from the same period of time. The tasks share common processing resources, such as a Central Processing Unit and main memory. The CPU works a lot faster than ram and other components of a computer system. It makes sense that to keep the cpu a busy as possible so that the computer can be useful. For example if a program is loading a lot of data into RAM such as when a video is buffering the CPU would normally be kept waiting.there are many other things that the CPU could be doing while this is happening.

This is a Multi - tasking operating system

peripheral management and device drivers

Computer systems have peripherals in order to input and output and also store data. These peripherals need to be told how to communicate with the rest of the computer system.The signal that that control them are provided by software called devices driver. Device drivers are produced for each peripheral and they are often specially written by the manufactures of the devices. sometimes the producers of the operating system provide generic device drivers that work with a number of device from different hardware manufacture.

Device drivers take care of the action of the peripheral so that the application programmers don't even need to know the hardware details of each peripheral that they will be using.They would only need to pass on the request to the driver and it wil translate these into the codes specifically on to the device.

This is a device driver

proprietary and open source software

Software can be developed as a commercial undertaking.The developer owns it as intellectual property and licenses it to clients to use.the source code is a trade secret and only the compiled programs are released to customers.

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