Decision Making Scenario

-Scenario 2-
Marie is in the eighth grade at East Middle School. She earns average grades in all of her school courses except science. Her favorite after-school activity is playing basketball. She would like to play basketball in high school next year. However, the high school says the athletes must pass all their classes in order to participate in a sport. This summer Marie can participate in a special summer science school that will help her in science. She also has been given a chance to go to basketball camp. The basketball camp takes place the exact time as the since school. Marie has two weeks before she either has to sign up for basketball camp or summer science school. What should she do?

Step 1-Maries Options

Marie can either do what she loves which is basketball or go to science camp to inprove her grades.

Step 2-Possible Outcomes

If Marie choses to go to the Science camp she could improve her grades then she can join the basketball team and pass her classes. If Marie chooses to go to basketball camp she could fail Science and then not be able to play basketball for the high school.

Step 3-Consider Values

The right thing to do would be for Marie to go to summer science class and pass all her classes then play for the basketball team.

Step 4-Make decision

I decide to go to science camp.

Step 5-Evaluate Decision

Marie went to science class and could pass ALL her classes and play on the basketball team!


Decision Making

-Scenario 1-
Football season starts this weekend and Steve is exicted about his school's first big game against a rival team. He has already purchased his ticket and has made plans. But his parents have to visit a friend they haven't seen in a long time and Friday night is the only night they can visit. Steve's parents asked him to stay home and babysit his six year old brother. What should he do?    

Step 1- Steve's Options

Steve can either go have a good time with his friends at a football game or stay home and babysit for his parents while they go see some friends they haven't seen in a while.

Step 2- Possible Outcomes

Steve could go to the game and have fun, but his parents will miss seeing a friend and will probably be upset with Steve.

Step 3-Consider Values

The right thing to do would be to baby sit his brother and help his parents out. Although it would be fun to go to the football game there will be many other chances for Steve to fun.

Step 4-Make Decision

Steve should decide to baby sit his little brother for his parents.

Step 5- Evaluate Decision

Steve should babysit and let his parents have some fun because parents do do a lot for there children and he might get rewarded for doing the right thing. Also there are many other games and times for Steve to have fun with his friends other than just the one football game Friday.

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