Self-Reflection - Abby Drummer

A Brief Summary of my Career Assessments

My Key Interest Areas - SAE

S - Social people are HELPERS. Personality traits You are friendly, empathetic, cooperative, and responsible. You probably like to work directly with people rather than things. You prefer to work as part of a team and sometimes lead or coordinate activities. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy teaching, counseling, or curing others. You might be a good public speaker or trainer, and like playing team sports. You might seek out situations where you can work with children, the elderly, people with special needs, or diverse populations.

A - Artistic people are CREATORS. Personality traits You are probably intuitive, sensitive, and imaginative. You usually prefer to work in unstructured situations where you can use your creativity and come up with new ideas. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy performing or creating visual arts. You like go to museums or attend concerts or plays. You might enjoy fashion, creative writing, drawing, and creating new things in a variety of settings.

E - Enterprising people are PERSUADERS. Personality traits You are probably enthusiastic, assertive, adventurous, and talkative. You like to start new projects and make decisions that affect others. You like to work with other people and often prefer to be in leadership positions. Hobbies and career interests You probably enjoy influencing, persuading, and performing. You are good at selling things, promoting ideas, and managing people. You might also enjoy starting your own business or running for political office.

Careers I would Consider:

Registered NursePediatricianAthletic TrainerDental Hygenist

My Personality Traits

My Personality Traits Include:

Extraversion is a preference to focus on the world outside the self. Extraverts enjoy social interactions and tend to be enthusiastic, verbal, assertive, and animated. They enjoy large social gatherings, such as parties and any kind of group activity. Extraverts are likely to enjoy time spent with people and find themselves energized by social N- Intuition refers to how people process data. Intuitive people focus on the future and the possibilities. They process information through patterns and impressions. They read between the lines, they are abstract thinkers. F- Feeling refers to how people make decisions. Feeling people are subjective and make decisions based on principles and values. They are ruled by their heart instead of their head. Feeling people judge situations and others based on feelings and extenuating circumstances. P- Perceiving is the preference outwardly displayed. Perceiving people are flexible, like to keep their options open and think randomly. They like to act spontaneously and are adaptable. Perceivers like to keep things open ended.

Careers I would Consider:

Registered NursePediatricianAthletic TrainerDental Hygenist

My Strongest Skill Areas

My Strongest Skill Areas Include:

Listening Learning New ThingsHelping OthersManaging PeopleSpeaking

Careers I would Consider Include:

Athletic TrainingDental HygenistEMT/Paramedics

My Most Important Values

My Most Important Values Include:

FamilyFriendshipsHelp OthersFun and HumorWork with Others

Careers I would Consider Include:

Registered NurseAthletic TrainerDental HygenistPediatricianOB/GYNEMT/Paramedic

What I Learned About Myself

Some things that I learned about myself through doing these assessments were that I am a people person and that my values really resemble who I am. Jobs that were suggested for me were always along the path that I hope to follow.

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