Introduction to Sweden

Capital City-Stockholm

Population data

9,723,809 (July 2014)

This is the political map of Sweden. Sweden is a neighboring country with Norway and Finland. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.

This is the physical map of Sweden. One of the great geographical features of Sweden are The Scandinavian Mts.

Flag ofSweden.

Brief history...

From 8,000 BC to 6,000 BC, Sweden as a whole became populated by people who lived by hunting, gathering and fishing, and who used  stone tools.

The Viking Age (800–1050 AD) was characterized by a significant expansion of activity, in Sweden’s case largely toward the east.

In 1280 King Magnus Ladulås (1275–90) issued a statute authorising the establishment of a nobility and the organization of society on the feudal model.

Eighteenth-century Sweden was characterised by rapid cultural development, partly through close contact with France. Overseas trade was hard hit by the Napoleonic Wars, which led to general stagnation and economic crisis in Sweden during the early 19th century. In the late 19th century, 90 per cent of the people still earned their livelihoods from agriculture.

Late 19th-century Sweden was marked by the emergence of strong popular movements that included the free churches, the temperance and women’s movements, and above all the labour movement.

Sweden joined the EU on January 1, 1995. In a national referendum in 2003, a majority of the country’s voters voted not to join the euro.

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cultural traditions...

Church attendance is low except on special occasions; less than 5 percent of the members regularly attend Sunday services in the Church of Sweden. Holiday observances are more popular. Three of four infants are baptized, of whom half are later confirmed. Three of five marriages are performed by the Church of Sweden.

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politics ...

Sweden's Government : Hereditary Monarchy, Unitary state, Representative democracy, Constitutional monarchy, Parliamentary system.

The Prime Minister of Sweden is Stefan Lofven.

Sweden is a part o the European Union and joined in 1995.


3 of the most popular landforms in Sweden are The Scandinavian Mountains, Caves of Sweden, and the Doda Waterfall.

Significant lakes include Siljan, Storsjom, Varern and Vattern, and with few exceptions, the balance of Sweden's lakes are on the small side.

The land area of Sweden 9% is used for farming, 9% is protected areas, and 55% is used for industry.


According to recent estimates, about 84% of the population belong to the Church of Sweden. Roman Catholics constitute about 0.02% of the populace, with about 150,000 members. About 100,000 people are members of Christian Orthodox churches, including Greek, Serbian, Syrian, Romanian, and Macedonian. The number of Muslims is at about 350,000, with about 100,000 active practitioners primarily of the Sunni and Shi'a branches. There are also about 20,000 Jews (Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform), with about half being active. Buddhists and Hindus number around 3,000 to 4,000 each. It is estimated that about 15% to 20% of the adult population are atheists

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almost 70% of young people in Sweden are engaged in art, music, creative writing and dance or theater. Art is the most common activity.


Men and women seem equal and that they want gender equality, but really men see themselves superior to women and to them its normal that way.


58,269.03 USD (2013) ~ This is the GDP per capita in Sweden.

8.0% (Aug 2014) ~ This is the unemployment rate in Sweden.

The type of currency in Sweden; Swedish krona.

Top 5 Products exported by Sweden ;

Refined Petroleum (8.1%), Packaged Medicaments (4.2%), Telephones (3.8%), Vehicle Parts (3.4%), and Cars (3.2%)

Top 5 Products imported by Sweden;

Crude Petroleum (9.7%), Refined Petroleum (4.4%), Cars (4.4%), Vehicle Parts (3.1%), and Computers (2.8%)

The major trading partners of Sweden are Germany, Norway, Denmark, and United kingdom.


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