By: Nathan Weigner

Terracotta Army

China's capital is Beijing and the population of the intire country is over 1.35 billion people and the elderly has grown greatly over the years after the one child policy.

China has a communist state  government and a socialist market economy.

China's leader is xi jinpin and there life expectancy for males is 73 years and females 77 years.

Countries GDP is $2,000 however there rank in the world is 82 and there dollar compared to u.s is $1=6.126 CNY. And a literacy rate of 95%.

Somthings you can do there is see the Terracotta  Army. Stone made into warriors to guard China.

Great Wall of China is another thing that you can see where you walk the great structure.

Juizhaigou is a river that has color and is natural and has many waterfall.


Some history if China is that they had a revolution in 1911 against the qing dynasty

The eight power allied forces u.s, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy, Australia, net troops to invade China.

Northern expedition war in 1926 made a problem f the reactionaryule of the northern warlords.

A problem China faces today is the elderly population has grown due to the one child policy.

China's flag has one big star with 4 small stars

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