Tropical Rain Forest

Biotic Features:
A living thing, animals or plants, that helps the environment.

    Animals:                       Plants:                                  -Frogs                         -Trees                                  -Tucans                       -Vines                                 -Lizards/Reptiles       -Ferns                                 -Parrots                      -Orchids

Abiotic Features:
A nonliving thing that influences/ affects the environment/organisms in it.

-Water(250-450cm/yr)-Weather(avg. 20 C)
-Amount of Air            -Precipitation(8-14 ft/yr)
-Amount of sunlight   -Soil/Rocks

Change In Populations

Carrying Capacity

Largest number of individual of one species that an environment can support.

Resources needed for a population to survive:

-Food/Water for nourishment
-Cover/Shelter from predators
-Space for attracting mates & storage

  If the rain forest was to run low on a resource like shelter then the population of the living organisms there would run low. Without shelter then the animals wouldn't have a place to hide from predators or weather. Therefore there is more of a chance of the animals dying because there isn't a hiding place to hide from the predators. This is just an example of how a low supply of a resource can lower a population in only a matter of days.

Limiting Factors

Any factor or condition that limits the growth of a population in an ecosystem.

Predator/Prey Relationship:

A predator is the Poison Dart Fog and the prey is little insects/new born crickets. Limiting factors can affect this in a lot of ways. For example, with out space then the frogs couldn't hide from their predators and then the insects could over populate and if there was no space then the insects couldn't hide and they could go extinct with all the frogs eating them.

Energy Roles

There are three main energy roles;

1. Producers 2. Consumers 3. Decomposers

Examples of theses energy roles in the rain forest would be:Any green plants like trees, grass,etc(Producers)Monkey,insects,frogs,leopards,jaguars(Consumers)and Termites, mushrooms(Decomposers)

The sun  gives off energy to the producer which is the most important part of a food chain/web. Producers are the only ones that make their own food. When the sun gives energy to the producer then a consumer eats it. When the consumer eats the producer then 10% of the producers energy is given to the consumer. Then another consumer eats that one and it keeps going. So without the producer, a lot of the Earth's population wouldn't be alive today!

Food Webs/Chains

Food webs are more realistic than food chains because food webs show all the different ways the energy flows. Food chains only show one way instead of a bunch of ways the energy can flow too.

If I took out the frogs then everything it eats will become over populated(like the beetles). Then since the beetles would be over populated then all of the beetles prey would be eaten more often. Then the beetles prey would become extincted. All of that happened because I took the frogs out. This just goes to show that everything in the ecosystem is very important to the environment and the life cycles of other animals.

Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramids

There is a reason behind the pyramid shape. The pyramid shape shows that as you go up  the pyramid the population and percentage of energy decreases.

The bottom of the pyramid(The Producer)is larger because it contains the most energy. Which means they also have a larger population. The top of the pyramid(Teritory Consumers) are smaller because it has less energy. Which means the population is lower.


6CO2 + 6H20 = C6H12O6 + 6O2

In photosynthesis the needed ingredients are: Sunlight, Chlorophyll in green plants, Water,And carbon dioxide.

In photosynthesis carbon dioxide and water are produced.

In the process of photosynthesis, the process takes place inside the plant cell. More specific, in the chloroplast.


Turning or bending from a living thing to or from an external stimulus.

Examples of tropisms in the rain forest are; Phototropic and Geotropic.

Phototropism helps the plant in the picture survive by letting it grow towards the sunlight. The sunlight then helps the plant go through photosynthesis which helps it leaves. All because phototropism.

Role Of Decomposers

Decomposers are very important because they recycle the nutrients to the producers. Without decomposers the world would have less of a population because the producers would have less nutrients and that causes less energy to travel to each consumer and then soon enough a lot of animals will become extinct.

Some decomposers in the rainforest consists of worms, mushrooms, beetles, mycorrhizals, etc.


Adaptations are extremely important for survival. Without adaptations you wouldn't have the things to fit in to your environment. For example, in the rainforest you need to be fast. If a predator comes up behind you, you don't want to be so slow where it would catch you. Another example is a good grip. You need good grip to climb the trees in a forest. Adaptations get you what you need to survive.

Natural Selection

A gradual process by which heritable biological traits become either more or less common in populations as a function of the effect of inherited traits on the differential reproductive success of organisms interacting with their environment.

Natural Selection is important to organisms in an environment because it depends if the live or die. For example, If a fish is slow and brightly colored in a dark part of the water it would easily be spotted and easier to catch but if a fish is fast and dark colored to blend in then its most likley that type of fish will live longer and reproduce more.

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