Lexi Race/Discrimination movies "42" and "Remember the Titans"

The movie "42" is the true story set in 1946 about Jackie Robison, the first black baseball player in American history.


Jackie is a baseball player from what was said to be the black baseball players league. The dodgers sponsor wants to bring Jackie into the league not just because he is African American, but because of his skill level. Jackie first has to get through spring workouts in order to make the team.  His first year he makes it onto the Montreal team. After a year of being booed as Jackie takes the field, getting kicked of the field by a police officer simply because Jackie is black, Jackie finally gets to play for the Dodgers.

It's a rocky start from the beginning for Jackie on the team. Jackie is the only black baseball player in major league baseball and some of his team mates won't let him forget it. They refuse to treat Jackie as an equal even if they can see that he is just as good of a baseball players as them, or even better than them. After a few cuts and several random team bonding moments after won games some of the team mates are opening up to Jackie. However the refs on the fields still are calling bad calls based on the fact that they say Jackie doesn't deserve to play with white men. Members from other teams are also singling out Jackie. Jackie has been almost hit in the head several times, had a player run on his leg, had a coach nearly break him from the harsh racism he was yelling at Jackie, and had gotten threats from pitchers as Jackie is on the bases.

Slowly people all around the Nation start to open up about how they are happy Jackie is on the baseball team. This starts a wave of people involved in the baseball world to open up. The coach that had almost broke Jackie was forced into making up with Jackie by having a public interview with him. Although Racism towards black people didn't fully get better outside of baseball, Jackie did open the door to let black players in. With support from his team Jackie and the Dodgers went onto win the world series.

"Remember the Titans" is the true story of a highschool football team going through their first year of integration in the 1970's.


A highschool in virginia has finally decided to integrate races together.  In this movie we follow the highschool football team. It starts out with the two teams, (the white boys and the black boys) coming together for football camp. It's a rocky road from the start with the boys finding out that their original coach being replaced with coach Boon, an African American. The boys do not try and mix together until coach Boon decides to force them into it. He works them until the slowly realize they aren't any different. The team finally joins together but once they leave camp it's back to the real world where they haven't fully accepted the integration yet. The team, although winning their season so far, is slowly starting to fall back into their old ways. Discriminating against each race because their friends not on the team are judging them for hanging around the other race. The team then tries to ban together by having more bonding times. They go through the season continuing to win and they are slowly able to bring everyone outside of the team together too. Soon everyone in the town was brought together with the team being 2nd in the nati

   Racism/Discrimination change           throughout the movies

In both films people decided at first thought that they would not bond with the other races. Although many threats were made to both sides it only took one person to fully step out and accept the other for a domino affect to occur. Jackie had one man step up and tell him that he believed in him and soon more people started to jump on board saying that Jackie was just as good a baseball player as any of the other members of the team. However not everyone agreed so they were still not fully able to accept that Jackie is an equal. To them Jackie was still a low black man that was allowed to play baseball in their eyes. In Remember the Titans the only reason everyone started banning together on the team was because their coaches forced them to. That was the only was that they could start to look past races and their differences. The soon realized that race didn't matter, and they all were equal. Not one race could do anything better than the other is what the boys soon realized. They then continued to try and show that to their schoolmates and community by playing together as a team.

            Today's World

In todays we don't see racism in the same way that we see in these two movies but it is still present in today's world. We don't segregate bathrooms or school or buses. However we see discrimination towards races everyday. We will see a person and make a conclusion about how they act based on their race. We stereotype people based on looks, like seen in the picture those are just a few of the stereotypes.

Discrimination is not an illusion. Like in a class divided we can easily fall into judging someone when a person of higher power tells us too. No matter what a person could be like we can say they are a certain way based on looks. Race is a big part of our nation whether we like it or not. Racism is getting better but we as a nation still see some races and we are prejudice.