How Humanity Started to Bury The Dead

Burying the dead has always been part of human civilization and is considered to be one of the most accepted rituals worldwide. For the longest time, it has always been a sign of respect to bury the dead underneath the ground (where it is believed that we all came from it), let alone be a reason to make sure that we show our loved departed ones is being buried in a safe place where they can rest peacefully in their afterlife.

But on how humanity started to bury the dead may still be debatable. According to research, the Neanderthals were the first people to be discovered who have been burying dead bodies, and has then been associated in religious rituals, because it is said that by doing so means that the body will be at peace. This culture has also been found to be used in different cultures and backgrounds, including people from Spain, Europe and Asia. Although there are still a number of religious rituals that a lot of people may also prefer, such as scattering of ashes in the departed’s most favourite place, cremation and crematory services, we can never discard the fact that burials is a more dominant choice when it comes to dealing with dead loved ones.

But usually, before any burial, there should be a number of days dedicated for the body to be viewed by his friends and family members, and most popularly known as a wake. During this time, visitors are given the opportunity to finally see the departed one last time before the actual burial. During this time, the dead body may be placed either in an open or closed casket, with flowers surrounding it, and messages coming from family and friends. From burying caskets without any other preparations from almost 300,000 years ago, nowadays a wake is made for about 3 to 5 days prior to the burial. Such event must be done through the help of a good company that offers funeral services, including all the necessary preparations such as casket services, catering, travel support and venue/schedule assistance.

Though it is quite taboo to be talking about the dead, wakes and burials, it is an important part of living in the modern world. People working for funeral Services are those whom we should trust so that bereavement won’t be as hard as you would expect it to be. After all, it is very painful to have someone close to your heart die for any reason. For example, funeral services in Singapore can accommodate and assist the living that can lessen their problems of what to do with their beloved right after death. There is no other way to do it, apparently.