Myth of Poseidon

By Natalie Keil

In Ancient Greece there was a mountain called Mt. Olympus where all the 12 most important Gods and Goddesses lived ( Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus.)

One day Zeus (Ruler of the Gods, Heavens, Earth, and humans), decided that he wanted to make it rain. Which created a terrible storm on a bright sunny day and flooded the water.

Poseidon was furious at his brother and yelled “Zeus I command you to stop, as God of sea i can’t let you do this!”

Zeus screamed at the top of his lungs “ No you can’t control me, I much more powerful than you and you know that. You can’t stop me!”

now Poseidon was outraged with anger and wanted to try something new. he decided to mix an underwater earthquake with a flood it created a tsunami.

Zeus not realizing that he made his brother furious, keeped making the storm. That made Poseidon’s tsunami worse.

Poseidon suddenly ,and quickly, shoved the tsunami at Zeus. Zeus, of course, didn’t know how to swim , and almost drowned.

Zeus was full of anger grabbed a lightning bolt and chucked it at Poseidon, but missed.

Waves crashing back and and the sound of screaming, Poseidon felt horrible but wanted Zeus to learn his lesson. Poseidon then started creating another tsunami but this time, Didn’t shove it at Zeus. Now he just held the tsunami and yelled out to zeus, “Zeus ,my brother, i can’t see you suffer like this so I will give an option. If you stop this terrible storm i will stop my tsunami and won’t make you suffer. But i will still have to give you a punishment and that punishment will be, I will force you to learn and understand good and bad weather choices on bright sunshiny days and good and bad weather choices on cloudy droopy days. But if you don’t stop this terrible storm i will turn you into a fish and make live in the ocean for eternity.

Zeus ended up stopping the terrible storm and and learned good and bad weather choices and never made a terrible storm again. Also Poseidon never had to make another tsunami again realizing all the damage. That was the way tsunamis came to be just by Zeus creating one terrible storm.

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