Come to France!

The best hair and bodies in France!

Come to France and feast on the finest hair and bodies all around! . Lots of old and young bodies. Thousands of places to lay eggs. PLUS!! new troops are brought in all the time!! They try different things to get rid of us like using a candle to burn us or using hot baths. How ever we have eggs in the soldiers clothes already so it didn't really matter what they did, we would still be around. Not only do we cause scratching but we also cause lots of diseases. One specific disease was pyrrexhia or trench fever. Although it did not kill anyone it did stop lots of British from fighting. For all you rats this is almost rat heaven! We have bodies dropping by the minute. Some fresh and some old. Since the men who died were buried where they were in the trench, you wont have go looking for long. So what are you waiting for! Come on down to French front line and trenches!

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