Chinese Dynasties

The Chinese Dynasties mainly consisted of the Sui, Song, and Tang dynasties. The Sui dynasty had a centralized government. They were a bureaucracy. It was ruled by Wendi, then taken over by Yang Di, who was Wendi's son. The dynasty created the Grand Canal, which was worked on by slaves.  This dynasty lasted from 589-618 AD. The next was the Tang dynasty. The capital was in Chang'an. The dynasty was ruled by Taizong, Wu Zaho, and Xuanzong, over a nearly 300 year period. The Tang dynasty prospered and culture flourished there. Buddhism in China also expanded thanks to the Tang. The last dynasty is the Song. The Song ruled for about 300 years. Chinese civilization became the most advanced during their rule. The capital was in Kaifeng, and they had a centralized government control.

Wu Zhao is pictured below.

She became the virtual ruler of China after her husband's death.

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