The Arabian Peninsula Tips for Surviving

In this tackk I will be giving informational facts about some places in the Arabian Peninsula like oasis, the mountains, the desert, and the coastal plains. I hope you enjoy my pictures and facts.

Here are my tips for living in the desert. First you need to wear light clothing in the day because it can reach up to 100 degrees in the day so if you don't wear light clothing you over heat. But then you also have to wear warm clothing  at night because temperatures drop to like 30 or below and if you're still wearing the light clothes you will freeze. You also need to travel by camels because they can last long times in the desert with no food or water for a long time so you can travel far on them.

The best survival tips for the mountains are to make mud brick houses for shelter. Also they put walls for keeping water and crops from sliding off the sides of the mountains. The walls also made it for growing crops on area that were to steep for crop growing.

Some tips for surviving in an oasis are that you should make wells because they are the best source and easiest way of getting water. Then you should make houses out of palm leaves because they're the best to make in that area. You also need fires that can be made from the trees. You also need to make good vegetation and fruit for food.

The best survival tips for the coastal plains are to make wells for water because the wells provide water from deep in the earth. Also people traded for goods which was a good way for supplies. People also  grew and ate the crops they grew.

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