Leah Hollowell

1950s-1960s Television Life

Benefits of TV:

-It takes viewers into fascinating places and "brings" enchanting people into their homes

-It makes people more well-known about life

-It keeps families together and provides cheaper entertainment while also peaking conversations

-Breaks regional barriers

Television has big part of our lives for years.  TV supplies many benefits (like listed above) but also has some negative effects for example keeping us from going outside or just places in general.  Television has impacted American in four main ways: socially, politically, economically, and diplomatically.


How has TV influenced us socially?

Well, the types of TV shows being played have changed drastically, we went from I Love Lucy where all the wife wants is to be more than someone who makes food for the husband and brings them things, and Leave it to Beaver where they have strong family values to Modern Family where the dad is a joke and the family is more laid back then TV shows from the 50s and 60s.  The shows from the 50s allowed people to see the housewife stereotypes in action rather than just the characteristics that advertisements and commercials showed us.  Most of this information I got from the "American Memory of the 1950s Housewife" article.   


Duck and cover was a video talked about in the 1950s TV Turns on America article, that showed families and children what to do if the nuclear bomb was used.  It taught them that no matter where they were they had to duck and cover.  They had to cover their faces and neck that way they wouldn't get burnt.  The Nuclear bomb can give you terrible "sun burn", worst then any sunburn you have ever gotten.  Many people thought that just ducking and covering their neck would save them.  The video was a little bit humorous but I'm sure it eased a lot of minds back when it was first shown.  


TV emerged as the most popular form of entertainment after World War II.  Two out of three U.S. families now own their own sets, or are paying for them.  In 32 million homes, TV dials are flicked on and off, from channel to channel, at least 100 million times between 8 a.m. and midnight.  These facts I found from the "What TV is Doing to America" website.  Tv changed America as we know it.  It allowed families to stay home and gave them a source of cheaper entertainment.  


TV impacted the views of many Americans diplomatically.  Any shows about war or spy's was shut off or altered because the Americans didn't want Russia getting any ideas about these topics because they were the enemy.  In a specific game called the Red Alert, they made the Russians out to be the bad guys and the Americans the good guys.  So it altered the minds and opinions of many people who played the game.