Consequences of HIV/AIDS

Symptoms and how you can you treat them

Many people know very little about HIV and AIDS and what they have to cope with in their everyday life and need to be enlightened about it. This disease attacks your immune system, which allows life threatening infections and cancer to enter your body and potentially kill the person infected. People who suffer from this disease and are not treated can die in the next 9 to 11 years upon receiving the virus. Patients who are diagnosed and treated can live up to 77 years old but the effects of the virus and the medication make it hard to deal with. These symptoms include loss of weight, headaches, depression, tiredness, blurred vision and many more. These symptoms become more dangerous and worsen in time, for example in the early stages of the virus, a light fever turns into a dangerous one and weight lost turns into a drastic loss of weight. This is why early detection is very important. These patients are also constantly under medical surveillance and they have to constantly take their medication to reduce the effects of the virus. There is no known cure for this virus but early detection is a great way to live a longer life. Of course people can still live a normal life while having this disease but many life activities are restricted and this virus is easily transmitted so sexual activity is reduced and kids born from parents who have this disease usually inherit it. People need to understand that HIV is part of our world now and we need to do something about it so future generations can live in a HIV free world.

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