Social reforms

Prison and asylum

This movement emerged because there were too many people, and they were being mistreated. They also had children and adults all together. The prisons we're completely full. They hoped to accomplish to keep from overflowing people, decrease the amount of people in a cell, and keep children and adults separated. Dorothea Dix had a passion for teaching and helping others. She helped mental illness. Louis Dwight was also the founder of Boston prison discipline society. By 1830 they voted and they decided to create treatment for the mentally ill. They also decided to separate people in prisons and treat them better like actual humans.


This movement emerged to try to limit or outlaw the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the U.S. The American Temperance Society published tracts and hired speakers to depict the negative effects of alcohol upon people. Many more people began to join the urge to limit alcohol, but not all people were convinced that they wanted to limit it in the U.S. A Ohio's Women's Temperance society was formed in late 1850's. Finally after a long time of arguing about the law it was finalized in the eighteenth amendment.


This movement emerged to try to make education better for all children. Not many children were able to go to school. Either their parents couldn't afford it or they were needed at home to help around the house or with siblings. Horace Man as a little boy only went to school ten weeks out of the year, and he was lucky to go that much. He had to stay home and help his family. Later in his life Mann decided he wanted to make a difference and help all children to be able to go to school. He brought up the idea to build a fund to help build bigger and better school for all children. In 1850 many states used Mann's reform to build better schools.


Abolition was emerged to attempt to end slavery in the U.S. Fredrick Douglas was a former slave that escaped. Douglas quickly became a leader for the abolonists moment after he began to speak out against slavery. Slavery was finally made illegal after the long amount of time it took to convince every state in the U.S to make slavery illegal.

Women's rights

Women's rights were emerged because women began to want more rights like men did. They found it unfair for only men to be able to do certain jobs or work outside on their land. Women had always been in charge of children, cooking, and keeping the house clean. The movement began with Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The women started to tell everyone that the treatment between men and women was unequal. Finally after eight years the women met again and decided they were going to fix this. Women were not allowed to vote, do many jobs, or work outside. After many years of talking about this topic women were finally given freedom to do what they please.

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