Indigenous Knowledge Gathering: Moving Forward on Culturally Competent Partnerships & Education

Last May 2nd, the taxi, cab, and taxicab companies were busy shuffling individuals and groups to and from the California Institute of Integral Studies. This was because the Indigenous Knowledge Gathering was taking place there. Themed Moving Forward on Culturally Competent Partnerships & Education, the event was able to bring quite a huge gathering of important people and interested individuals together.

For the organizers of this event, it was all about having one day to actually have all of the great resource speakers, the scholars, all indigenous peoples, and even organizations in the community in one place and have them speak about important matters - topics that are essential for all of them. That is why the Indigenous Knowledge Gathering was put together and they were able to create a dialogue so as to air sides from all parties who wanted to share something or wanted to air out any ideas or suggestions that they may have. This was the perfect time and place and opportunity for all of them. If there were also any kind of grievances or any issues that needed to be addressed, they were able to voice such out during that time.

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With this gathering focused on indigenous people and communities, they were able to have a dialogue that helped all of them. They were also able to go for their aim and that was to be able to build partnerships from all areas of that side of town. They wanted the partnerships to be not just any ordinary partnership but one that was culturally competent and was backed up with the right information and education.

The day started out with a registration for all participants at nine in the morning. After an hour, the Indigenous Knowledge Gathering already started. It ended at six in the evening. Lunch was part of the ticket sales so the participants did not have to worry about where to get something to eat. During this part of the event, those who joined included leaders of the community and also local elders. There was also an open assembly for all those who needed to voice anything out. After that, the Indigenous Art Celebration then happened which started at six and ended at nine in the evening.

During the whole event, the organizers were able to put together a collection of all the testimonies shared during the event. Any observations were also noted so as to help out any future issues that may arise. They were also able to create a bond between all members of the community and those who were directly connected to them so as to be able to create better relationships.