by Adara E.

Most people have odd pets but one type of pet they don't have is a Panda.

What is a Panda?

A panda is a black and white fuzzy bear. The scientific name is the Aliuropoda Melanoleuca. The closest relatives to the pandas are the South American spectacled bear. Some scientists wonder if the giant panda is a bear or a Raccoon. In the family the closets bear to the raccoon is the Red Panda.

Where do pandas live?

The Pandas habitat is the forests and mountains in Western China (bamboo forests). The population of Pandas is between 1,200 and 700 and 140 more live in zoos. In the wild pandas live from 20 to 22 years but in captivity 30 years. That's were the panda lives.

What do pandas eat?

Pandas have a balanced diet of bamboo. In occasion pandas eat honey, small rodents, fish, and flowering plants.

What are the Pandas adaptions?

Pandas have some very special adaptions like a thumb to grasp the bamboo. Also the panda has a fuzzy thick coat to protect it from the cold winters. Those are some amazing features the pandas have.

Did you know?

Did you know that pandas are an endangered species and that more and more bamboo has been cut down so there is less and less pandas alive because the bamboo is their main source of food. Also because people are cutting down their natural habitat so they don't have anywhere to live and survive.

What are the average sizes of a panda?

The average size of the man panda is 27 to 32 inches tall and weighs 230 pounds. The average female weighs 198 pounds and is 24 to 30 inches tall.

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This is a picture of a panda playing in the snow.