ONCE Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 20 SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!

Once Upon a Time featured just about the most unique road trip anyone is ever going to see.

Rules: Sorcerer style

According to the Sorcerer, Emma and Lily’s fates are forever intertwined. What’s done is done. Lily has Emma’s potential for darkness. Furthermore, it’s a good thing that the Apprentice trapped the Author in the book so that he could no longer change fate/history again. Too bad no one told the Sorcerer the Author is out.

The Sorcerer later runs into Lily on the bus. He gives Lily the explanation as to why her life is constantly in shambles even though he’s not supposed to meddle.

The Charmings try to make amends

The Charmings go to Maleficent to attempt an apology. Maleficent points out that they have been so wrapped up in what Emma is becoming that they forgot what they did to Lily. Maleficent isn’t able to forgive them, and she points out that it is unlikely that Lily will either.

Past history

Intertwined doesn’t even begin to describe Lily and Emma’s fates. They seem to keep ending up in the same town. They are practically stuck with each other, like they are meant to be together. It turns out that Emma and Lily didn’t meet just that one time. There was another time when they met as kids, only time number two Emma pushed Lily away because Lily betrayed her, and cost her happiness with a new family.

Their second encounter started when Lily appeared out of nowhere, and attempted to enter Emma’s life. Emma discovered that Lily was a felon on the run. Emma agreed, for old time’s sake, to retrieve Lily’s birth mother’s (Maleficent’s) necklace. After that, Lily was to leave. Emma retrieved the necklace but in her absence, Lily robbed Emma’s new foster parents, wrecking Emma’s chance at a new life.

When Lily later finds Emma waiting at a bus stop, Emma throws the necklace at her. Despite Lily’s plea that she is cursed, but better with Emma around, Emma doesn’t want to forgive her. She leaves Lily.

Present history

Again intertwined in the present, Emma’s car breaks down, and she and Regina encounter Lily who is now working in a road stop diner. Emma tries to explain that their fates are intertwined and they should go together, but Lily refuses stating that she has moved on and has a husband and child. Emma’s lie detector ability enables her to realize that the convincing lie is just that, a lie. It turns out Lily knows exactly who Emma is, all about Storybrooke, and now all she wants is revenge.

After Lily steals Emma’s car that contains that scroll that will allow her access into Storybrooke, Emma and Regina steal another car to attempt to stop her.

Evil Emma

After a revealing conversation with Maleficent, Thelma and Louise…er…Emma and Regina head to New York City to to find Lily, and to protect Robin from the disguised Zelena. They pit stop in Lowell, MA because Emma’s intel had Lily as living there five years ago. During the pit stop, it seems like Emma’s road on the dark path is continuing as she nearly punches out the guy who used to live next door to Lily when he claims Lily died in a car wreck.

As Emma and Regina pursue Lily, Emma makes multiple statements about revenge and killing that have Regina worried. This isn’t the Emma we know. This is a very dark Emma who doesn’t care about taking another’s life.

When Regina and Emma catch up with Lily, who has stolen Emma’s car, a physical fight breaks out which causes things around them explode, and lightning crashes. Emma eventually pulls a gun which Regina tries to talk her into putting down. Although she is conflicted, Emma eventually sees reason and lowers the weapon. Regina’s words stating that Emma will ruin not only her life but Henry’s life seem to sink in. It’s all about choice, not fate, and Emma has to make the right choice.

Gold’s manipulation

Gold is trying to win two people to this team: Will and the Author. He thinks the Author can still write happy endings. As for Will, he rips out Will’s heart to control him so he can in turn steal Belle’s heart back. Later, a controlled Will shows Emma that he has her heart.

Gold uses his advantage to force a conversation with Belle. He returns Belle’s heart in an attempt at minor redemption. He states that Will, not him, will be the one guarding her heart because he has proven himself unworthy. As Gold leaves, Belle isn’t sure what to make of the situation.

Road trip to NYC

The trio decide to team up after Regina receives word that Gold has Belle’s heart, and they all go to New York together. There is no time to waste now that Regina has lost her leverage. Regina, Emma, and Lily arrive in New York at Robin’s apartment. Regina reveals to Robin the Marian and Zelena switcheroo. Zelena returns and reveals herself, but there is one more shocking revelation. Robin won’t leave Zelena because she is carrying his child.