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We just talked about writing with a purpose and how important livecaster review is. When you do things this way you will know exactly what you need to write to get your target audience. Once you know what your purpose is and why you are creating content the best place to start is with Brainstorming. This can be done on paper, a mindmap, a word doc, etc. For example, on one of my products I created a massive mindmap brainstorm session for the video training I recorded. It looks like this:

Now this mindmap is actually much bigger than what you see pictured. As you can see the many lines going down that you don’t see pictured. That is how many ideas you can get by simply brainstorming your thoughts. It can be done anyway that you feel most comfortable with. With brainstorming I like to refer to it as a brain dump. You want to get out everything and anything related to your topic and get it all out on paper. Don't limit yourself to what you put down. At this point you want to brainstorm and put down every idea and possibility you can think of. You want to get everything down. This isn't the time to edit and refine. You will refine these ideas later...for now focus on getting the ideas out and the creativity flowing. Inspiration to write Now I want to talk about inspiration. Brainstorming is the first step in getting livecaster review to write. As you will have many topics that you can write about. But I want to give you even more ideas to expand on that. There are a number of places to get a lot of inspiration to create content . Competitors and Peers Once you have had your brainstorming session you have a great foundation for the type of content you should be creating. If you want to go out there and get more ideas you could go to the industry leaders in your niche and see what kind of products they are selling, what kind of offers they are promoting, what kind of content they are creating, and more. This can give you even more ideas for things that you want to create content on.

Here is how you find those industry leaders:

Start analyzing with a simple Google search. Searching your keywords will give you an idea of who is ranking for them and how powerful they are. There is also very cool website that lets you search for top content and influencers based on keywords that you type in. They have an algorithm that ranks the content and influencers based on social shares, pagerank, page authority, and more. This is a great place to look for competitors and influencers in your niche. It can also be a great place to get ideas for content and more. Definitely make a note of this site. Here is what looking at the top content for the “golfing niche” shows:

Another great place to find industry leaders is livecaster review

When you get there you can either search for keywords or select a particular category you are looking for. If I were to use the example “Fitness for moms” I would first start by looking in the health category.

This is what it looks like:

When you click a category it brings up many subtopics like you see above. It is kind of hard to see but I also pointed to a few good subtopics that would be good to look in. In this case I chose the pregnancy category and Women’s Health. Now I can click on either one of those and begin digging around. And you will see as we continue but basically alltop is a content aggregator. So it will go out and find what it considers to be the best content for that particular category. So I will go ahead and click on Women’s Health to see what kind of results I get. After clicking on that I get this:

Another great place to look for inspiration is in other books. Now obviously this doesn't mean that you want to copy another book but you can use them to get a lot of great ideas. Sometimes even just browsing through books in your niche will spark ideas from just the covers. But when a book really catches your eye take a look inside of the table of contents and flip around to see what kind of inspiration and topics you could potentially write about. Inspiration from PLR table of contents Another method that I used to get inspiration for writing is PLR websites. And basically PLR is private label rights and this is content that you have the rights to reuse as is in most cases. The site that I use is resell­rights­ Now I certainly don't directly use any of the content from those products but I use them for inspiration. Although the writing in PLR material isn’t typically all that great the topics that the books cover usually are. Taking a look at the topics in the table of contents and what is actually inside PLR books can be a great way to get inspiration to write your own books and create your own products. Let's say for example you are in the Mountain Biking Niche. You could go in there and find a product on mountain biking to get inspiration from like this one:

Then we could take a look inside to get some inspiration for our own products or content. Now that one in particular turned out to be a done for your PLR autoresponder series for the mountain biking niche. In this case you could use the content to generate ideas for your own autoresponder messages or for blog posts, products etc. For example, with a quick look I found a couple of great topics I could write about like cross country, cyclocross, dirt jumping, downhill, and freeride. And I’m sure I could go through there and find many more ideas.

Look at book reviews on Amazon

We just talked about looking at other books for ideas. One of the best and easiest places to do this is on On the site you can go through and search your niche for books and ebooks and find a ton of great information and potential ideas that could inspire you to write. Related books on Amazon

Another great thing about Amazon is that they will also list related books so if you are ooking for a book on the blogging niche it would list related books on similar topics. And you can click through and keep going around until you get enough topics and things that inspire you to write your own content.

Also when you really nail down a topic or a specific book that you liked on Amazon you can start looking at customer reviews on there. Look for the things that people really like about certain books and the things they didn't like. This can give you some great insight into what you should include in your content and what you should avoid. Customer reviews can give you a ton of valuable information. Refine Your Content Once you get all your ideas out on paper it is time to refine things and start formulating those ideas into content ideas. Your brainstorm list is a group of ideas but now you can turn those into compelling content ideas. These ideas will formulate what you create as products, lead magnets, videos, blog posts, articles and more. Basically you have just done the groundwork for any type of content you will be creating in the future. At this stage you can really start to formulate your brainstorming session into real ideas you want to write about. At this point what I recommend you do is start a new document somewhere separate from your brainstorming information. I actually keep multiple documents (3 to be precise)


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