Ice Day

Things to do when you are out of school

Your school has been canceled, there is no reason for the day to be a waste of a day from education. Here are some suggestions to make the day a little more academically beneficial.

YouTube - learn something new

With over 1,000 minutes of video added every minute, you could spend an entire day just catching up on all your favorite channels. They don't all have to be educationally based, maybe you could learn how fix your car, add lights in your bedroom, or break dance. Some of my favorite channels include Veratasium1, VSauce, SciShow, STEMBite, DNews, PBS Idea Channel, BigThink.

Quizlet - do some vocab review

There are several words you must know to speak the language of your school classes. No matter if it is Spanish, Science, Math, or Social Studies, a strong vocabulary will give you a base for any type of learning. If you search preidwhs, you can find all the sets that I have made.  Make your own, share them with your friends, race each other on Scatter.

Memrise - grow a plant

Another one of my favorite ways to learn terms is by using the app Memrise.  It was built as a language development app, but it also reaches into core content learning too. By using pictures, words, and a repeating pattern of small learning and reviewing. I use it to review my fledgling Spanish understanding.  You might be suprised how long you will get stuck playing this game.

Build Something - suprise yourself

Here is just an example of something you can build and play with. Follow the simple Engineering Design Process  ... Find a problem, Research, Brainstorm, Design a Plan, Build, Test, Look for Problems, Repeat.  Other suggestions: puppets, claymation, multimedia artwork.

Read! - what people used to do before YouTube and Twitter

Pick out a book, sit down, and jump into another world. Grab that book that your Aunt Margaret said was a great read, and you proceeded to roll your eyes.  No books around the house?  Most public libraries have online books that can be checked out and have free classics. A suggestion: start a fire, find a warm blanket, and dive into that book.

Enjoy the day!

No matter how you spend the day, disconnect, refresh, and revive. Remember, tomorrow should be a school day.  Your teachers will be ready for you!

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