Daddy and Daughter's Last Moment

Shania Ford 4/15/15

¨Sit back and relax¨ I say
¨Let me cook your dinner this time¨
smiling as old man takes his seat
Taps his foot to the tune
Hands over his head
As if the police told him to
In the kitchen stirring,boiling,steaming,and bakeing
Nodding my head to the tune
Jumping in fright hoping i dont get burnt
Hearing old man laugh with joy
The cracking in his laughter
Makes me laugh with joy
Glad to keep him smiling

First bite,second bite,third bite
Bite after bite a nod comes by
One by one until the plate was clean
Brownies done let it cool
Time to cut
Row one,row...
(knock knock)
¨Whos there¨
(door opens)
¨Tell Shania her mama said time to go¨
¨Ok she will be right out¨
(door closes)
Head hangs to the side
Grabbing my things with a blurry vision
The feeling is like someone slapped you
¨Hope you enjoy your brownies,
I put my special recipe in it¨
¨I will my darling just because you made it¨
¨Bye daddy,I love you.¨
¨Bye Bye now I love you too¨
¨Iĺl call you tomorrow!¨
¨Ok I'll have my phone with me!¨
(The next day)
Ready to go home
School is taking too long
Bus driving too slow
People are getting off like handicaps
Run off the bus
Burst through the door
Heading for the phone
Dail the number
Let it ring
No answer
Dail again
Let it ring
No answer
No answer
No answer
No answer

What could it be
Maybe he is busy
Iĺl call again tomorrow

Dial the number
Let it ring
No answer
Dial again
Let it ring
No answer
No answer
No answer
No answer

He might have to pay his phone bill
Iĺl see him at the parade
¨Left! Left! Left Right Left!¨(x2)
Where is daddy
Why is he not in the front in his blue chair
Well thats what he does every year at blossomtime
I guess I'm gonna have to check on him later

(Meanwhile at Granny's house)
Rocking my worries to sleep
Hugging my grandmother's knees
sister runs outside
Sister comes inside
Sister is crying
Mommy walks in
Mommy tells me
Sister hugs me
Trying to understand what mommy said
Yep just like I feared
He died in his sleep
At least I had the last moment
.............The daddy and daughter last moment

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