The Future of Smartphones in 2025

The purpose of this presentation is to display, through video, pictures, text, and research, the possible future of mobile Smartphones in the year 2025.

What will they look like?

Mobile devices won't be getting much bigger than they are now and they won't be shrinking them down to miniature phones. According to Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst at IDC Mobile Devices Technology and Trends, devices will stay within the 3.7 inch to 4.3 inch displays. They may be made to be lighter and thinner in width but phones will not be shrunk to impractical sizes.

Maybe even as thin as a sheet of glass

People want as much visual display space at the highest resolution possible without making the phone too big, it is predicted that dual screen phones will become very popular and desirable. Many concepts are in the making such as the Medias W as seen below.

Maintaining the thin width when folded to keep devices as light and thin as possible.

The rising need and popularity of "hands free" devices such as Bluetooth, it is very likely that wearable devices will look a little something like what you see in the video below..**

No need to hold any physical device, it is right on your arm via a display projected from a thin bracelet you can interact with on your own skin.

Another wearable concept is the Nokia Hands Free New Vision which is as small as a ring to wear around your finger

What will they be able to do?

By 2025 smartphones will no longer be phones... they will be remote controls for peoples lives. As much as we have our own brains, our phones will become our organizers in every aspect possible.


Your phone is your alarm.

It notifies you of the weather for the day, how long it will take to get to work via various routes, notify you of any traffic changes and delays, where you can stop to get starbucks on the way, and where you can park the cheapest and quickest.

At work, through your Google glasses, everything you see and do will be seen through a smartphone or some form of augmented reality.

You can look at a friend and say "add contact" and later on without even lifting a finger, you can call that person and facetime.

Time to get lunch. Your mobile phone is now your wallet. Tap your phone to pay for your food or use a bank app to transfer some money over.

A reminder goes off that you have to pick something up from the store on your way home. As you leave work, it reminds you again that you are approaching the store you need to stop at, reminding you what you need and for when and what occasion.

On your way home, you sit back in your self driving car and enjoy the fact that it is driving better than you probably could, avoiding any collisions and being safe along the way. Your phone syncs to it and tells it where to go, you just say "home".

Once you've arrived back at home, your wi-fi point picks up your smartphone via geo fencing and unlocks your door for you, as it recognizes the device as you.

As you're laying in bed, you simply tell your phone to change the song you are listening to and to dim the lights. You go to bed and your phone tracks your heart rate and REM.. it tells you how you slept in the morning and how many calories you burned the previous day.

Your phone becomes your planner. Your organizer. It becomes you.

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