How is American society represented in the documentary
"Super size me."

Where is the limit of how much little junk food we should be eating? Well this question has been on topic for years and years. In the United states alone obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death with a staggering 400000 deaths per year with many other illnesses. Around the globe McDonald's operates nearly 30000 stores in 100 countries and 43% of those stores are based in the United States. Obesity around the world is getting to be a very serious problem and it's causing diseases, mental disorders, depression, blood clots, fatty organs and worst of all even death. All these problems are caused from obesity and a country that is really suffering from this disease is America. Between 1980 - 2000 Obesity has doubled leaving the United states alone  with 60 million adults (30%) with obesity.

Recently I have viewed the documentary "Super size me". It's a documentary made in 2004 that I viewed in my Year 11 English class. In this documentary it displays to the audience a man  named Morgan who undertakes a 30 day challenge to eat McDonald's for breakfast, Lunch, and dinner to see what effects would take place to his body. For the first three days he compared his experience to giving up smoking. He used giving up smoking as an example because when giving up smoking there's a three day stretch that one most go through constantly thinking and fighting the erg to smoke and this was related to his McDonald's challenge because for the first three days every time he ate McDonald's he felt sick and unhappy then after these three days he began to start enjoying the taste of the sugar and fatty foods. This experiment continued for the rest of the 30 days and with it, Morgan began to feel unwell, his liver began to feel sick, suffered sadness and had comfort only by eating more unhealthy foods. This is the affect that the processed foods did to this Morgan's mind and eventually lead him to gaining more weight.

In this documentary it's shows that in the American society fast food is a regular thing to have for inhabitants in the United States and that the availability for fast food is so easy to get to. Unfortunately in this documentary America is seen that everyone is overweight, but that's not the case. In the year 2000 only 30% of adults were suffering from obesity which still leaves 70% of the U.S to still be fit and healthy people. This documentary hasn't really helped the image of the United States, it's presented the viewer with the idea that the American society are as quoted from the film 'Fat & Stupid'.

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