Career Research Project

Evan Sammons, Music Conductor/Music Education

Necessary Job Skills

  1. Mastery of one instrument
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Conducting Skill
  4. Extensive Knowledge of Music

Education Requirements

  1. Undergraduate degree in Music Education
  2. Masters or doctorate in Conducting
  3. Extensive knowledge in music theory and history or minor in instrument performance

St. Xavier College

St. Xavier College provides a music education program, it is located in Chicago IL. The college has many preforming ensembles in which majors and non majors participate in. On their website "University mission statement and offers quality professional degree programs that, while providing a liberal arts education, prepare the music student for professional careers in the field of music education and continuing graduate-level study in the fields of music performance and music education."

Saint Xaiver Campus

Words To Live By

My words to live by. "Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable". This was said by Leonard Bernstein, who is one of my many role models. He was one of the first American conductors to achieve global recognition. I first herd this quote listening to one of his Young People Concerts he did quite frequently with the New York Philharmonic. When I first herd this quote, it was about the time I had decided to pursue music conducting as a career. This quote means to me exactly how it is spelled out. "Music can name the unameable (we have no words for what music can do) and comunicate the unknowable ( we dont know what the music is goung to do to us but it will leave us with a positive feeling). This made me realize what i can do through music. It can help me make my misic impact others

     Leonard Bernstein is my professional role model. He was one of the first American conductors born and educated in the United States to achieve world-wide acclaim. He was the principal conductor of the New York Philharmonic for 40 years, and was later given the title of Conductor Emeritus. He also held numerous conducting positions at some of the world's premier ensembles, to name a few: The Vienna Philharmonic, Boston Symphony Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra.

     Mr. Bernstein is my role model/person who I want to aspire to be because he was a American Conductor, to be an American Conductor at the time and to achieve world acclaim was unheard of. Also he gave many Young People's Concerts where he exposed millions of families who watched it on TV to the joys of Classical Music. He was also a teacher, which is what I want  to be as well as a conductor. My first experience with Mr. Bernstein was because of a conducting project we did in choir class. Freshman year we were assigned to conduct a piece for choir which we had previously sung weather it was in 6th grade or that year in choir. I chose Ave Verum Corpus, a song we had sung in 6th grade. I remembered the melody of the song very faintly, so after signing up to do that song I you-tubed the song. The first result that came up was Leonard Bernstein, I watched him conduct the song, conveying emotions through his arms, from then on I wanted to be a conductor.

Interview with Mark Russel Smith- Music Director, Quad City Symphony Orchestra

Q: What do you do on a day to day basis? From conducting rehearsals to organizing concerts and guest soloist and conductors

A: "That is essentially what I do every day, I also talk with the executive director to plan guest soloist 1 or 2 seasons in the feature.

Q: Are there many job opportunities for orchestral conductors?

A: "Not many in the Quad City Area, If you go to bigger cities there will be more, like chamber conductors or conductors in pit orchestras."

Q: Would being a high school band director be a good way to gain experience before getting a masters or doctorate in conducting and seeking employment elsewhere?

A: "Yes and no, If the program is a good one it is a good opportunity, and if they are playing the original composition it is good experience, to gain experience now it is best to watch other conductors."

Q: What can I do now to gain experience in conducting.

A: "Attend Workshops, get a score and watch rehearsals of the orchestra, be in band and choir, be as musically involved as you can be."

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