Great Apps for Educators!

5 Apps to use in K-12 Teaching

1. Videolicious

    Videolicious is a great app that can help students make short videos easily! Students upload short clips they’ve made along with the “story” they plan to tell. They can then select background music from a set playlist of licensed songs and Videolicious creates a polished video.

    Videolicious could be useful in many different areas in a K-12 setting. It can be used to easily create finished projects and alleviates the potential cognitive stress of editing. Some ideas I had included campaign videos for student council elections in junior high and high school, creating book trailers for novel studies in Language Arts, and safety videos in PE!

2. Comic Strip It!

    This is a mobile app that is used to create comic strips and story boards! Users upload pictures from their mobile devices and can add various effects (such as different filters and speech bubble options) in order to easily create their own comic!

    I think that this app will help those students who do not feel they are artistically inclined. I think it would be most easily used with older students (grades 7 and up). Possible activities include transforming novel studies into graphic novel format, creating political comic strips in Social Studies, or having students create comics to communicate lab safety rules in Chemistry class!

3. Audioboo

    Audioboo is an app that allows users to record and share audio clips (up to 3 minutes long using the free account). Users upload their audio clip, location, title, and a picture in order to create their boo! You can share them using various social media platforms and follow other users.

    In terms of teacher instruction, Audioboo could be used to record lectures so students can refer back to them at any point. As well, students could use Audioboo to record their own personal histories in Social Studies, creative writing projects in Language Arts, or the instructions for experiments in Science. I also think that running a class radio station is a great idea! I think that this app is best for elementary and junior high students.

4. Maptini

    Maptini allows users to collaborate on mindmaps in real time.

    This would be great for in class collaborative brainstorming. In older grades (high school), teachers could open a Maptini for students to access for homework – creating a mindmap for what was discussed in class. This would give students who are shy to participate in person an opportunity to do so after class!

5. Memonic

    Memonic is a great app for taking notes and keeping organized! Users can write notes, clip content from the web, take screenshots, make lists, and share content. It also syncs devices together so that notes created on mobile devices will appear on desktops.

    This is a great option for students in the classroom. They can research, go online, take notes during lectures, and collaborate on group projects using the features on Memonic. As well, it makes for easy sharing between teachers and students – teachers are able to make notes, project templates, or even field trip permission slips and share it with their students.

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