5 Mobile Apps that Could be Used in a K-12 Classroom

EDU 210 - Module 9
Sarah Dunnet

1XL Math Practice App

What is this? This application can be downloaded for Free through iTunes. The purpose of this app is to provide thousands of math exercises, examples and questions. Students can download this app on any of their mobile devices and practice their math skills on the go! This application uses bright colours and "online prizes" for every milestone reached to keep the student engaged. For example if a teacher has a classroom set of iPads, she could encourage the students to all try out exercises together and discuss how they achieved their answer, or if the students have a Math quiz coming up, the teacher can tell students which exercises to practice to help the succeed on the quiz.

Tools 4 Students Application

What is this? This application is used to help students stay organized while working on multiple projects and assignments. It allows for students to organize and develop chapter notes, document analysis, writing organizers, drawing conclusions etc. This application keeps all of these items in one are and creates easy access. It grants you access to group documents and you may also email documents straight from this application. It helps students graphically organize what they are being taught.  The Tools 4 Students app costs $0.99 and can be purchased on the iTunes website.

Nearpod Application

What is this? This application is meant for students and teachers that either have multiple or a classroom set of iPads or mobile devices. Nearpod allows for teachers to use their iPad to manage the content on their students mobile devices. Nearpod allows for collaboration, presentation and the ability to assess students. One must create an account but can then receive ideas on how to use the tool effectively.

MyClassTalk Application

What is this? MyClassTalk is meant to help increase and promote equal classroom participation. It allows for teachers to easily keep track of individual participation during classroom discussions. This application allows for students to understand the importance of participation and is an effective way to promote an interactive discussion and classroom environment.


What is this? The Edmodo application allows for both teacher and students to engage anytime and anywhere. It allows for flexible learning. This application allows for classroom discussions online, grade tracker, file sharing and uploading as well as posting of assignments. This allows for students to be organized and be able to use a media tool such as this effectively. This app can be used on many media devices and is free allowing access to anyone with a media device.


What is this? The Evernote application allows one to use and remember multiple projects over many media devices. It's goal is to improve productivity. This app allows you to take notes, capture photos, create t0-do lists as well as voice reminders; all of which are easily searchable and accessible from any mobile device. This application is easily accessible and creates a flexible organization platform for teachers and students.

Many of these application can apply to most grades through K-12, but some are fewer grade specific, such as the 1XL Math practice for grades K-9. Hopefully those of you reading this can find an effective and efficient use for several of these application in your learning environment.

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